UK – SIS Appoints New President Simon Johnson

SIS (Sports Information Services) has named Simon Johnson as its new Chair, the leading multi-channel provider of live betting live casino singaporeMr Johnson is the pioneer of the commercial and media industry, now Chairman of the Rugby Football League and Executive Officer at HW Fishing, the UK’s top 25 chartered accountancy business. He has vast knowledge of leadership.

In the course of thirty years in his career Mr. Johnson served as Chief of Corporate Enterprises and Football Affiliation Company Secretary as well as Chairman and Worker of England’s World Glass 2018. He was CEO of Wear and Relaxation Trade, ITV’s Executive on Rights and Trade, and was the Chief Officer of the Jewish Leadership Council for seven months in total. Johnson may be a skilled lawyer.

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“Simon’s arrangement is very welcome and takes place after the effective global SIS in recent years,” said Richard Ames, CEO of SIS. Simon is well known for working for some of the biggest companies within the leisure industry and his qualities of authority will prove invaluable to SIS. We are currently in a better position to build on our future strength and promote the position of the business within the global wagering industry.”

Johnson has taken with him a wealth of senior executives in sports and media from now on, the beat 25 UK chartered bookkeeping company has worked as chair of the Rugby Football Association and non-executive head of the HW Fisher. “I am extremely pleased to join SIS, one of the most conspicuous and most trustworthy brands in the field, Simon Johnson, Chairman of SIS. In order to increase its worldwide proximity through consistency and locks in articles SIS has made incredible steps. I look forward to my meeting and working with Richard and the community to help build on this success.”

The meeting bodies 

Casino, Chips, Poker, Cards, Gambling“Simon has a large meeting with some of the major bodies in the leisure industry and his qualities of authority will prove significant to SIS. Today, we are in a better position to build on our future energy and enable the business to improve its position within the wagering industry worldwide. A competent legal adviser recently joined SIS, as well as Chief Working Officer of England’s 2018 World Container Bid, as executive of corporate undertakings and company secretary to the football affiliation (FA).

He was also CEO of Wear and Recreation, Chief Executive of ITV’s Rights and Commerce Issues and Chief Executive Officer for the Jewish Board of Directors for seven long years. “The Simon arrangement is most welcome and will take later on a long time after the successful globalisation of the SIS,” added Richard Ames, SIS CEO.

The charge 

During his residency at the rugby alliance management, Johnson tried to advance the fans’ participation and business returns – skills that he would carry to the right to knowledge and to wholesaler. In his job, he also works in nearby clubs. The new President of the Rugby Football Alliance (RFL), Simon Johnson, is enlisted by the Sports Data Administrations (SIS). Johnson, who recently took on the role of RFL as the Between times Chair in July 2019, in October 3 months later, also held the position of Non-Executive Chief of the chartered accounting firm HW Angle.

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