The Data Reveals The Gambling Effects Of Covid-19

More statistics have been released by the Gambling Commission to explain how more tension on Covid-19 lock-downs have influenced online gambling in Britain. The data represent the time span from March 2020 to February 2021, including, which cover both online and (when relevant) some offline gambling operator data. best malaysia online casino

The update includes operator details

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  • Recent data of the first two months of 2021 from internet operators showed that online activities decreased in December after historically busy years with an involved accounts1 decrease by 4% and a betting reduction of 6%, while the total gambling yield (GGY) fell in December to February by 19%.
  • During the time of December to February, slots GGY decreased by 1% to almost £177 million. The bets were down (7% to below 5 billion), and after peaking in January, the number of active accounts remained stable.
  • Between December and February, after peaking in January, the number of online slots lasting more than an hour decreased by 1 percent (to 2.5m) (up 4 percent since December). The overall session time stays stable at 21.5 minutes and more than one hour lasts about 9 per cent of all sessions.
  • Against the context of such knowledge and the insight we have acquired so far from the pandemic, additional operator caution is also needed in the current circumstances of the national lock-up, when most people spend more time at home and on line and many people are more vulnerable to the pandemic.
  • Fresh limits on personal or financial conditions and greater confusion
  • We know that some users, for example the highly committed players who play a wider variety of goods, will probably spend more time and money playing and that there will be more options for betting customers after the lock-up.
  • We know that for the first-time certain people will bet.

The Commission seeks to follow the related danger of:

Assessing the effect of strengthened guidelines provided to operators who track key data and gather and report additional information to benefit the sector as land-based facilities respond to evolving restrictions — where there is proof that there are more threats to the consumer, taking additional steps to protect customers and taking part Consumer Safety.Online Casino Games with Real Money

It will continue:

Take steps to strengthen regulatory requirements on a permanent basis, including changes to remote technical standards (RTS), licence terms and practise codes (LCCPs) and consumer protection as we have over the past year in the fields of adtech, game development and high value customers’ programmes.

We are waiting for them:

The reinforcement guidelines (opened in a new tab) issued after the first blockdown continue to take a close look at data that shows consumers are expanding their games portfolio and spending more time or money than before interacting directly when triggers are reached, avoiding any tentation to use the current marketing situation in addition to their generic email commitment. In some fields we define specific rules or procedures but we try to let you take your own solution to fulfil our needs where possible.

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