How To Classify Casino Site Operation

First of all, sites where the screen is often distorted or freezes can be suspected of being manipulated.

Most manipulation sites try to manipulate it frequently, so if you observe it with patience, you can see the screen crumble or freeze.

To be more specific, in the case of the normal video we watch, 30 screens per second pass. In a situation where equipment is not poor anywhere in the world, the clarity of the screen has made great strides.

During operation, even if the dealer on the screen seems to be spinning the card normally, there is approximately 30 cm of non-lock space on the dealer’s elbow. This is also different from frame or screen breaks.

At times, the dealer’s hand from which the card is being drawn is rotated twice or three times. If you look closely, you can of course draw cards slowly as normal.

When operating, using a special technique that combines only a part of the card at high speed by swapping the card already on the front or the card from the front panel with the card drawn from the dealer’s upper body, the screen is combined and displayed on your computer screen. Do it. All of this is possible in a very short time.

All of these operations are programmed, so the machine helps you to plan and operate a strategy thoroughly for the details of membership registration, deposit, and withdrawal.

There are a number of cases like this while playing online casinos. If a scan is wrong because a person is doing it, a number of other cases may occur, such as the case that two cards are removed and invalidated.

In this case, the video may not appear during loading or for other reasons. However, there are cases in which the cards are changed in the picture book, and you should not mistake it for manipulation by looking at it.

This is a mistake due to the lack of competence of the dealer, and it is difficult to say that it is difficult to manipulate the bag, so please refer to it.

As another example, there are live baccarat, but the picture quality is blurry enough to make the card difficult to see, or the picture quality is good, but there is a phenomenon where the screen is cut off at an important point or when a large bet is placed.

If there is such a symptom, there is only one answer that is always returned when contacting the game side.

“Others are normal, but there seems to be a problem with your computer or internet.”

These are fraudulent sites that are intentionally manipulated, so you should absolutely avoid them.

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